Thursday, February 3, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedrooms

The dressing table:
Some ideas for your jewellery bits.

Find a way to display all your handbags.

More unusual dressing table ideas-
Here is a dining room dresser, painted in a girly pink.
Here is a entrance hall stand, painted pink. The hooks are ideal for hanging your jewellery. Hall stands are easy to find at the moment in Ireland as they are not seen as fasionable at the moment.
This romantic Shabby Chic dresser can be made easily from a small table and a lose standing mirror on top.

I love eating and drinking in my bedroom- it makes me feel very grown up. Put a beautiful tray together and use your dresser as a table to sit at or on your bed.

A lovely add on to the Romantic Shabby Chic bedroom is the screen.

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