Monday, March 28, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - Office space

How to change an area or a room in to a office and still make it fit into the Shabby Chic style that you like. Here are some ideas how to create office area and still make it look pretty. The picture above looks fantastic the combination of light colour with white and the black and white picture against the wall- love it. In this office you will be taken serious and hold your child on your lap- why to go girly power!

Ok some will hate this type of an office but if art and crafts are your passion this is ideal, inspiring and still neat.

Here is the same colour scheme- light blue and black. Love the pin board.

I really like this clean cut small office space and that chair!

Is this not the most wonderful cupboard/desk, its a pitty that these type of cupboards are hard to find here in Ireland.

This is a girly office/homework and craft area.

This is a very Shabby Chic Office space.

The use of all white, blue and a touch of black is a very carming colour schemem for a office space.

This chair adds a bit of fun to an otherwise ordinary colour scheme.

A nice blend of new and old in this office.

Here is an example that a office does not have to cost a fortune to look good a lick of paint can go a far way.

A very feminine office.

This window is something I would like to for my office.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shabby Chic Ireland - Bathroom Accessories

Here are some ideas to decorate your bathroom for that spa treatment Shabby Chic look.
Galvanized steel items looks extremely good in the bathroom for that old style look.

This is a fantasic alternative to a normal basin.

In a previous blog I mentioned that it's a good idea to pour everyday items such as shampoo in old style holders.

I have added some labels so that you can make your own labels on your glass jars.

Think of different shaped glass bottles look at this one it looks like a vinegar bottle.
Here in Ireland chariry shops and second hand furniture stores can have great finds.

Look for unusual finds such as this suitcase, wooden shelf with labels.

Items can also be placed in nice cotton bags.

Baskets such as these look very good in a bathroom.

Altough I will always prefer glass to plastic it is also possible to get pretty plastic holders.

I have a thing about hand made soaps and think that they must be displayed- look at the use of a fruit bowl for the nicely wrapped soaps.

The more hand made the soap looks the better.

Display your spa bathroom goodies on a nice tray.

Any nice antique bowl would work for a soap bowl.(look at the way the jewellery is displayed)

Look for a few blue antique bottles to put between your spa treatment items.

Love this mirror.

Look at this very easy to make tray- they are very easy to find here in Ireland and looks fantastic once painted.

Interesting place to display jewellery.

What an impressive dresser.

The use of candles in a bathroom rounds of the Shabby Chic look nicely.