Saturday, May 11, 2013

Decorating a Beach Hut

Decorating a Beach Hut

1. Start by asking what would you like your Beach Hut to be?
a kitchen,
artist retreat,
entertainment area, 
guest bedroom,
laundry  room
or maybe more than one of these.
(Remember your beach hut does not have to at the beach and can even be in your garden)

2. Then decide on a theme for your Beach Hut.
 In this blog I looked at the following Beach Hut Decor Design Themes:
Nautical Beach Hut,
Vintage Beach Hut,
Romantic Neutral Beach Hut,
Retro Girl Beach Hut
and Surf Shack.

3. Once you have chosen your theme and got some inspiration you can start to look
at furniture and accessories for the Beach Hut.
Step 3.1: Draw a basic floor plan of the hut /shed and plan your space and what furniture you want and were you will place furniture .
Step 3.2: When choosing furniture for your  beach hut think...
Fold able (fold able chairs and tables can be stored against  the walls)
Flexible (multi-functional - a coffee table that  is also storage)
Stack able (stack able stools, can be footstool's,chairs and side table)
On-top-able (go vertical and use space up  to ceiling)
Convert able (place wheels on the bottom of furniture
Basic furniture (from Ikea, also consider second hand painted furniture) that can go with any theme: white kitchen dresser, shelves, storage seats and fold able table. Then add accent coloured decor to complete your look. 

Nautical Style - Beach Hut 

Ever dreamed of the place by the sea. Nautical theme decor is fresh, colourful and crisp.
The Nautical Style Beach Hut
Tips for Nautical Style Beach Hut Decor:
Decor ideas: Here are some Nautical Beach Hut ideas .   
Colours: A classic palette of  red,white and blue.  Keep to white as a basic colour and add red and or navy as accent colours. If you want to soften the nautical look add a touch of turquoise or light blue to your decor.
Nautical decor items: Stripes and decorative life rings (ideal to decorate the outside of the beach hut)
Add Patriotic flags  in the Nautical colours. (some will  say beware  of clutter- but this is your space away from home, to do with as you like and look how well it worked here)
White walls and white furniture works well with this theme
White and pale blue with some red and navy is very classic  and will not be overwhelming. 
White walls and ceiling. 
Boats  and flags stripes and the rustic colour washed  cupboard.
Buntings add colour and work well with the nautical theme
Tongue-and-groove panelling painted white
White painted floor boards
 Ship  wheel, shelves and tins -for extra storage
writers retreat 
 guest bedroom
Nordic signs, lanterns, fishing nets, tongue and  groove and striped material cushions add to the theme. 
Accessories that you can choose for your Nautical Style Beach Hut:
Buntings, mirrors, lanterns, cushions, rug, curtains/blinds ,hooks (for towels,swimming trunks or mugs),chest  (also a coffee table and  storage), decorative shoe bags (can help with extra storage)screen, deck chairs, umbrella's, towels, kettle, storage tins, primes, cups/mugs, flask, storage containers, and nautical signs.    
 Outside your Nautical Theme Beach Hut:
If you are privileged to have your beach hut on the  sand  you may decide to have a decking area outside. If not you can opt for decking or gravel area with large pieces of  driftwood and grasses (also easy to maintain)

Vintage Style- Beach Hut

Tips for Vintage Style - Beach hut
Decor Colours: White as  basic colour and pastel  colours: light blue, pink, light yellow, light green
Decor ideas: Here are some ideas for this theme. Look at the combination of flower patterns, stripes, check and even spots in the vintage colours. 
Oil cloth table covers
Pastel colours 
Rose motifs
 romantic touches 
 old books, lace, painted furniture
 tins,old bottles
quilted covers
pastel buntings 
vintage sea side signs 
flea market finds
Collect ables
Accessories you can choose for your Vintage Style Beach Hut :
Start with basic painted furniture then add Shabby Chic Vintage inspired accessories in pastel colours: buntings, mirror, antique photo frames,cushions, rugs, curtains, hooks, umbrella, towls, storage containers, vintage signs or paintings, old trunks, wall paper, small chandelier, vintage styles screen, tea cups, flask, french style wrought iron garden chairs.
French style furniture 
Rose motive 

Romantic Rustic Neutral - Beach Hut

Tips for Romantic Rustic Neutral Decor:
 Decor Colour Palette:When choosing this theme keep to neutral colours: white, soft beige's and soft greys (turquoise can be used as an accent colour)
Decor Items: Look at the following to get some ideas from beach huts done in this theme.
Neutral colours
white washed furniture 
wood, rope, bird cage
clear glass 
 all white with  wood
 natural wood,drift wood
 sea shells
drift wood hanging
baskets, white lanterns 
all white  
 lace and wood
white with a some wood
sea shells 
wooden crates
 old suitcases
 grey painted ladder
Accessories you can choose for your Romantic Neutral Style Beach Hut :
Start with basic white painted furniture (or use white wash technique) then add Neutral  accessories in natural colours  (you can add a small amount of turquoise or light blue coloured accessories): All natural items such as shells, stones, rope, leather, driftwood, linen, glass items and baskets work well with this look.
Here are some more ideas: Shell garlands, driftwood mirror, linen cushions, lanterns, white washed crates, rugs, curtains made with strings of shells, hooks in driftwood, umbrella, towls, storage containers in natural colours.

Retro Girl Style -Beach Hut

Retro Girly Style Beach hut decor I have divided it into three sections according to the colours used: 1. Shades of Pink
2.  Pink and Blue
3. Bright and bold  

1. Retro Girly Style Beach Hut: Shades  of pink

Decor Colour Pallet: shades of pink from white to dark pink
Tips for Decor Items: Make use of white as a base colour and add items in shades of pink. Look at the examples below for some  ideas of this theme.
Girly signs in bright pink 
 Shades of pink even a touch of red
Shades of pink
ice-cream  parlor style Beach Hut
This theme can look very playful and girly and reminds me of ice cream parlors.

2. Retro Girly Beach Hut: Pink  & Blue

Decor Colour Pallet:  Pink and Blue
Tips for Decor Items: Make use of white as a base colour and add items in shades of pink and light Blue. Look at the examples below for some ideas of this theme.
Coral pinks also look  well with this  colour pallet,and suit the sea side theme

3. Retro Girly Beach Hut: Bright and Bold Colours

Decor Colour Pallet: Hot pink, yellow, orange, green, turquoise, purple
Tips for Decor Items: Look at the examples below for some ideas of this theme.
pop colours 
 bright colours
white basis with bold colours  
 girly parlour

Surf Shack Style - Beach Hut

Tips for Surf Shack Decor
Decor colour pallet: natural wood and bright bold colours
Decor Items: Recycled furniture, graffiti art, Hawaiian style,  surf boards, boats and oars, wooden items, galvanised steel, fairy lights

galvanised steel and an outside shower 
Bold designs
Retro  art work 
Recycled tyres  
plastic hanging shoe bag for storage
can be more daring even with a bit of  graffiti 
 bold patterned fabric's
 this look is perfect for the Surf Shack 
 Hawaiian patterns and colours work well
think recycled 
the seventy's look works well with this look 
hand painted floor 
African design and colour's also work with the Surf Shack decor