Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedrooms

Lets start with the dressing table- the most personal and feminine space in your bedroom.
Old style dressing tables with mirrors can be hard to find second hand in Ireland- so you can take a dresser and add a lose mirror to it by painting both white it will look like a set and you have the added benefit of more drawer space.
Here are two more ideas. One is a wardrobe with a mirrir on and some personal items on.
Here old sewing tables have been used as dressers.
With the Shabby Chic style it gives you a lot of freedom to chose any table as a dresser. All you need to do is add some Romantic Shabby Chic items and a mirror and paint. On your dressing table storage is handy for all the small items - here an old tin looks great. The flowers in a blue vase round of the look.
I have added this picture as these painted suitcases can be used for storage- if you don't use a dressing table but want the storage.
An alternative colour to white for the Shabby Chic Romantic look is pink - but be careful it can be a colour that can go wrong very easily.
Another extra with a dresser is a chair. In a guest room a chair is a must have to put a suitcase on. Or to put extra bedding or towels out for guest. In your room it can also be used to display flowers or an expensive pair of romantic shoes.
Display that romantic shabby chic handbag, and use it to store hair accessories in.
Display a collection of evening bags.
Material covered dressing tables was the rage when I was a child - and might make a come back...who knows.

Things to put on your dressing table:
A collection of silver items always look good. Candles in different holders also adds to the romantic look.
Make-up brushes in beautiful holders.
Display jewellery in teacups, crystal glasses, silver trays or cake stands.
Tea lights also look good in two or more shabby chic style tea cups. Look for old sets of tea cups in many of the charity shops here in Ireland.
You can also use your dressing table as a place to write a letter, study, meditate, drink some tea or better yet have a glass of champagne and celebrate being a woman.
Who can resist some fairy lights.
Place some lovely lavender scented bags in between your clothes , these also make welcome Shabby Chic gifts.
You can also use your dressing table to display groups of items that you collect.
Hat boxes make an excellent place for storage.
Now I will also be doing up a dresser and show you the before and after photos.
Thank you Annamaria


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