Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedrooms

This week I am still focusing on Romantic Shabby Chic Bedrooms in Shabby Chic Ireland.
Lets start with a headboard: a headboard is such a must have in a bedroom and here are some ideas that are not expensive at all but will make a big difference to the Romantic Shabby Chic look.

Here they used gates and fire mantel pieces as headboards.

Old door also make lovely headboards, padded material headboards are also easy to make.

I still think this design style for a headboard is the best for the Romantic Shabby Chic look.

I absolutely love this room for the Romantic Shabby Chic look. They used a type of a screen with vintage lace material as a headboard. I love the silver and the vintage dress, this room look as if one could meet your lover there.....

For the Romantic Shabby Chic look hang out that pretty lace style dress:

The use of pink in the Romantic Shabby Chic bedroom:

Clothing your bed the Romantic Shabby Chic way:

Throws and quilts are a must for the Romantic Shabby Chic look and as layered as possible.

I still love the hotel perfect just made bed. But for the Romantic Shabby Chic look it is rather a look of freshly scented laundry, white cottons, throws and quilts. Make the bed look inviting instead of perfect.

Pillow in different shapes and different textures also add to the look.

Think ruffels,lace,embroidery and croquet.

Big soft white cotton pillows.

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