Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - Bedroom furniture

Lets look at other Romantic Shabby Chic items that can be found in the bedroom.
Romantic Shabby Chic Cupboards
A mirror in or on a cupboard is very handy and can make the room look bigger.
Paint the cupboard in a interesting colour, or just white. Use your cupboard to hang a dress, handbag or jewellery from.
Love the pink hat boxes on the cupboard for storage.

Why hide the items in the cupboard. This cupboard looks great and shows of all the nice cushions and covers.

I know that is not a bedroom cupboard but isn't it a great idea...

Mirrors in the Romantic Shabby Chic bedroom.

Love this, a combination of different sized mirrors. Wall full of mirrors.

This was a mirror of a broken cupboard that was painted and put on the floor instead.

This mirror was a old window.

Bedside tables:

Ideal for a reading light that can also look very romantic.

This is a good idea to use old suitcases as storage and a "bedside table"

Use a tray as a bedside table.

The use of an old frame with blackboard inside- easy to paint.

A padded foot stool.

All done in white.

Cover the bed side table in a vintage piece of material.

Here a small table is both a dressing table and a bedside table.

Chairs in the bedroom:

Any chair can work- by painting the chair white and covering it in material that fits in with the bedroom.

Use it as a place to drink a cup of tea, read a book or listen to some music.

Love the writing on the wall, a french poem..

Smaller cupboards:


Shelves in the bedroom:

Open shelves in the bedroom are ideal for the bits that you are collecting

I know this is not a bedrom shelve, but isn't it very romantic shabby chic.

Books and flowers

Scented hearts


At the foot of the bed:

These baskets are great and can take a lot of storage, make it more romantic shabby chic by placing white cushions on top.

Covered foot stool.

Against the wall:

This is the ideal place for photographs of yourself- or those wedding photos.

If you have nudes bedrooms and bathrooms are the best place for them.

Day beds:

A lighting must have for the romantic shabby chic look is the chandelier.


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