Monday, February 28, 2011

Romantic Shabby Chic - bathrooms

Now after the Romantic Shabby Chic bedroom I think the next most romantic room is the bathroom. Just look at this picture rose petals, tea and some soft music and join me in the Shabby Chic Ireland collection:

I love the whites all over and the shutters instead of curtains.

The chandelier and the french doors make this look.

There is a bit of a Shabby Chic cottage look to this bathroom.

Look how they used this small space.

A good idea to put the dressing table in the bathroom- aswell as the art work above the bath.

Interesting use of a trolley to put the towels on. Look at the dresser that is used as a wath stand.

All you need to do is have the basin sunk into a dresser. Then you also have more space next to the basin for Romantic Shabby Chic objects.

Look for different shelves to use in you bathroom. Here the chicken mesh works wonderfully. Decorate it with those nice bathroom gifts. If you have everyday items that you need to put out make it more decorative, get nice old bottels to put it in. Otherwise put same colour items together like blues.

Putting a shelve near the bath is also a good idea- how many times do we not get out of nice warm bath to get something in a shelf some where else. Antique style labels on the glass bottels look good.

Baskets inside shelves also work if the products you want to put inside are just not decorative.

French Romantic style bathroom.

A fantastic idea to put your towels in.

An old kitchen table used to create a his and her basin table.

Now that is a bath with a view.

These glass bottels can be found in loads of shops here in Ireland. Put things out as if its a hotel bathroom just a bit more personal.

This is a Romantic Shabby Chic bathroom!

This dresser with towels in is practical and pretty.

Look for an interesting big mirror for the bathroom.
I love this bath the combination of modern clean lines and antique flowery look works well and makes your living space very personal.

Look at the open bedside table for the towels- and to hang jewellery out.The colours are kept light- perfect for the Shabby Chic Ireland look.

The wooden panelling always looks great for the Shabby Chic look.
The dress for the basin is an interesting idea- personally I would be a bit sceptical about the practicality of it- but it is an idea if you want to hide some items under the basin.

Display all those special treats that you have for the bathroom. Spoil yourself with some nice soaps.

The rustic look also works well in a bathroom.

A wall of art.

This is probably the best Shabby Chic Ireland Bathroom picture - look at the plates used.

In both pictures they have used beautiful old painted dressers for the basin.


  1. I love this blog! this post especially has great ideas hope to see more on bathrooms and bedrooms