Thursday, February 17, 2011

Drawer liners

Personalise your drawer liners by making your own.
You will need:
Acid free paper(from a office/stationary supply)
Spray bottle
Clove oil (3 drop)
Essential oils (3-4 drops)Good choices are lavender, lemon, apricot, rosemary, orange or mandarin experiment with the strengths.

1.Fill a clean spray bottle with warm water.
2.Dip teabag in for 3 min and remove
3.Add clove oil (the clove oil and teabag help with the deterrent of dust mite and mould)
4.Add essential oils
5.Mix well
6.Spray solution on each piece of paper and allow to dry completely before use.

White clothes can benefit from blue paper (tissue)to prevent yellowing.

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