Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romantique Shabby Chic- Halloween

Who said halloween has to be tacky! Lets go Romantique Shabby Chic-Halloween here at Shabby Chic Ireland.
Come join me on a Shabby Chic Ireland - Halloween blog (....with the family in mind...)
I am sure that for many this is the perfect idea for Halloween...trick-a-treat sweets left outside....for the little monsters
But in my previous post I had a small visitor at the door...who reminded me that Halloween is all about the ....little monsters and "bigger ones".... so let me show you to your Romanique Shabby Chic Halloween bedroom and will do some Halloween activities....with the little monsters...
How about decorating your bedroom with some Romantique Shabby Chic items.
Heavy drapes, red wine, bitter chocolates, plenty candles and that corset you got for christmas...sorry here I go on the Romantique Shabby Chic trail again and I promised the little monsters this post is about them...so back to the little monster activities.... The first thing the little monsters ask me is what will I be dressed as...
.....Frankenstein and the Bride
...or the grey bride...
...I love the scary bride halloween dress-up....
and love the face make-up, its the one time you can never over do it....
this dress up, is also nice, not very Romantique Shabby Chic Halloween, I know, but I might scare of a few little monsters with this one....
these jazzed up - glasses are great if I don't feel like make-up or dressing up but need to accompany the little monsters trick-a-treating in the neighbourhood
Now what to dress the little-man-monster in....
and this is perfect for the teenage monster....
Now the little monsters have rolled up their sleeves and they are ready to create so what can we do....
Lets start by making this garbage bag stripped and shedded door decoration.
and these- Ghost lights: Made with ping-pong balls, gauze pads, modge podge and holiday lights. Place ping pong balls on egg tray to balance and make a hole in each ball. Draw ghost faces on balls. Drip cheese cloth in runny glue and cover top of ping pong ball (over ghost face) Insert the light bulb of the holiday lights and hang up for halloween.
...or this big bug for the front door..
...Or these hanging lights made by hanging white stockings with a water balloon and a fluorescent stick placed inside the stocking.
...how about following this old Irish tradition and make a turnip Jack-o-Lantern.
Take a large turnip and cut of the top to form a lid. Hollow out the centre with knife and strong spoon. On the side carve the face.Place a tea light in the bottom and light.
How about laying a low table just for the little monster....
here are some lovely home made buntings-
and this bat-chain-cut-out
Make these silhouettes of faces of each of the little monsters. Take photo of the side profile of the little monsters, print out and colour the face silhouette black.
Make this flower arangement with the little monsters. Make the flower vase by taking a vase and sticking all sorts of scary creatures on and stray paint black.
Or make this grim reaper.
Will I give these brainy-cupcakes a try...
Here are orea-cookie-pops that I might try: Oreo cookies that are dipped in white chocolate with eyes, dry then drizzle white chcolate for the bandage effect.
Or use any cupcake recipe with witch "shoes" and "stockings".
I always make a Halloween "tree": made by painting branches black and propping them in a pot and then hanging smaller items from the branches.
Printable halloween labels
Wow, look at this cake- hope the little monsters dont ask me to bake one....
This centrepede and rotten egg make a nice centre piece: Tea dye eggs with strong tea,coat with petroleum jelly for a shiny sheen,make two small holes in the eggs and blow through the one hole to empty the eggs. For centrepede use fishing lures.
This is a perfect activity with the little monsters ghost lollie pops.
This is a lovely little monster Halloween keep sake.
I want to try and make a sweetie-wreath. By pasting different shaped sweets on a polystyrene wreath with a glue gun.
This Halloween dolly has stolen my heart.
This felt halloween head band is lovely.
....so good-bye for the family for now.....


  1. Hey! Can I ask would you know where to get that skeleton outfit that the teenage girl has on above?


  2. I love that skeleton outfit and I would like to know where I can get it! thanks! :)

  3. I would also like to know there you can get the skeleton outfit! please respons quickly i need it for our school musical... Mail me ? calle.degroot@hotmail.com