Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Organising your office

Here I am at my kitchen table writing this blog-
I think I need to use some of the ideas to organise a space for an office myself. Most Irish houses are small and therefor to have a seperate room to use as an office is a luxury. Well here goes and I will let you know about my own progress...

Bulletin boards/notice boards to display contact numbers or frequent used documents.
I am very taken with these super pretty organisers- choose a great frame and place a wooden panel at the back of it paint the wooden panel with blackboard paint.
Use them in your office/area or in you kitchen to write everyday reminders on.
Get these old frames from junk shops or charity shops.Think of painting the frames. These blackboards also make fantastic gifts to those friends that have everything...
You can do the same with a pin board (inspirational board)- choose a nice painted frame and place a pin board inside (I buy cheap pinboards from budget shops and cut it to the size that fits into the frame) Paint the pinboard in a contrasting colour.
I know if you are going to use the inspirational board in you office it may look different - but still add something decorative to it such as an old photo - birthday card- old postcard....
Another fantastic idea is this inspirational board. An old frame -painted and chicken mesh added to the back.Use small pegs to add you items to the mesh.
Choose a colour sheme for your office area- in this case the choice was a touch of pinks.
Or dont have a colour and try and keep everything white.

Now where to place a small office area if you dont have a seperate room- look at this picture, maybe your office area is in the corner of your living room or maybe part of the kitchen like the photo's that follow.
Love this office in the kitchen - so you can be part of the cooking and the household activities but still get some office work done. The cupboard space help to organise your office space and keep it neat.
Remember to put in good lighting if you don't want it to look like a dark corner with the cupboards overhead.
Be creative in your choice of an area for your office, it can be a corner in the kitchen, living room or even in your bedroom. All you need is a tiny space, the secret is to keep your pretty items packed out and the rest packed out of sight.
Love the shabby chic look of this desk.I know it can be hard to find nice small old style desk - but keep your eyes open for other tables that can be used for an office desk.
Why not use your bedroom or the spare bedroom as an office- if you keep the office area in the same colour scheme as the room the area will fit in.
If you have a room with a view why don't you face outside.
If you have enough room in your office area think of buying an old wardrobe and paint it in the colour scheme of the office and put some shelves in the hanging space to place all your files and bulky bit's out of sight.
A bookcase works very well with an office- take note how they placed the books together according to colour, that makes it look more organised and decorative.
Using wall paper or a darker colour paint at te back of the bookcase give it that extra depth.
Here is a minamilistic version of an office- all the clean lines can help to make this space serine and help to keep your mind clear.
Do you maybe not need an office but rather a needwork room/area
I love this Irish Shabby Chic style office or creative area. All the different elements give it a very personal touch.
If like me you enjoy a bit of arts and crafts this is a lovely creative area/office space.Love the lighting! put up some things that you are working on or have completed.

Use shelves for storing files on.
This office area is in the lounge area. The large decorative mirror draws all the attention.

Even very small rooms can be used for an office - by keeping everything white it can make the room look bigger and less busy.

Love this creative idea to put your post/bills.

Personalise the space so that you feel able to work there.

Organise your home office space:
Get a desk calender- so that your calender can stare you in the face everytime you sit down.

Start a filing system/ alphabetic or by subject. Get rid of records that you no longer need.

Think vertical space such as shelves and bulletin boards. To display contact numbers or frequently used documents.

Invest in a wireless router. The Cisco Valet Plus will help reduce wires and clutter in the office area.

Organise your supplies. Divide your supplies in three categories:
- everyday supplies, can stay on your desk (pens, tape, envelopes, post-it
- supplies you use frequently, in desk drawers or shelves for easily accesability.
- back-up supplies, in a closet (extra printing paper, extra writing tools)

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